Through the years I have written numerous songs, poems, reflections, and short stories. Though none have ever been published, I have shared them in performances, recordings, and messages. Over the years my works have touched many lives. Writing has always been my greatest passion and my desire to use it to impact and inspire people’s lives has been my enduring motivation.



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  1. sandy hood rivers

    I also love to write. My first job was on editorial staff of a small newspaper. I regret leaving my dream job to be stay at home mom. But have written many versions of my fiction novel. I am now revising the final version. I enjoy getting other writers’ perspectives on our delightful plighted in life.

  2. April Kay Brenne

    Look forward very much in reading your blog 😀

  3. Darrell A. Whitfield

    Ken , Bless you brother ,didn’t know you went back home to stay. I will check on your Blog frequently . Continue what you do and may God Bless you. Baby Dog/Darrell

  4. stormreighn

    I like it here it is warm and inviting. A place for dreams and ideas, a place to grow. Your an inspiration to all of us and proof that dreams can one day be a reality.

  5. Veronica Brannon

    Thanks for sharing your link. I enjoy reading and writing as well. Have a great day and keep on writing! 🙂

  6. Thank you for the link. Writing is more than words; it is who we are. Thank you for the awesome words you create and I wish you and yours the very best. May your Muse be creative and carry you to places that will help us on our own journey through life.

  7. R. Peterson

    Writing gives the author godly power … it allows him to go anywhere and to do all things, to touch others and to change them forever.

  8. Good luck with all your writing projects!

  9. You’ve been fortunate to be able to share your work with so many.

    • Mimi, All of us have a story to tell. All of us have a purpose. All of us can touch people’s lives. I am doing my best with my writing. It is my way to connect. Take care, Ken

  10. Keep up the good work. Never stop writing. Even if you never get published, understand that those that you have touched have had their lives changed for the better by hearing or reading one of your works

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